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Our Design Services

The Consultation

The first step in your design journey

Every project begins with a consultation in your existing space, to provide you with some design direction and to explore your vision for the space and how we can help you get there.  In some cases, a consultation may be all you’re looking for to get a jump start on your project.  For larger projects, this will be a starting point in the design process.  Our consultation is a two hour information-packed session customized for your space and your needs.  It is an opportunity for us to provide you with design guidance as well as learn more about you and your project. 

Client consultation

Some of the areas we may discuss during the consultation include:


  • Specific design ideas and space-planning suggestions

  • Sustainable and healthy design strategies and materials

  • Space efficiency and storage solutions

  • Realistic project budgets and time frames

  • Feasibility of construction and other consultants that may be required

  • Future planning, adaptive design and re-sale implications

  • Colour scheme and material review

  • Window treatment and furnishing ideas

  • Lighting strategies and recommendations

  • Incorporating smart home technology

  • Referrals to trusted local suppliers


We will make sure to address your specific design questions and concerns about your space, and discuss our design process and the services that we can provide for your project.  

A consultation is step 1 of our signature 10-step design process.  After the consultation, a proposal will be provided for one of the following design service options.  

Price: $595 for up to 2 hours in your space

Design Services

On Call Design
Basic Design+
2007 Rendering

Basic Design Service

Starting at $5,000

A detailed conceptual design plan to implement on your own or with on-call assistance from us

Runners Edge

Standard Design Service

Starting at $10,000

A complete design package including construction drawings and product sourcing

Jen Nickel

Premium Design Service

Starting at $20,000

A stress-free service where we take care of everything from  beginning to end.

Jen Nickel

On Call Design Service

Occasional and on-going design support on an hourly basis

We will support you as you manage your project on an as-needed basis at your discretion

Standard Design
Premium Design

Not sure which service is right for you?  Get in touch to discuss your project and we can recommend a service for you.

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