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Our Story

Founded in 2016, INVISION Design Solutions is an interior design firm based in the Niagara region, specializing in healthy and sustainable interior design for residential and boutique commercial spaces.  We love working with small businesses and home owners to create inspiring spaces that capture their unique stories.  Our clients are able to easily envision their new space with the help of 3D drawings and full design drawing packages, which in turn allow contractors to transform that vision into reality. 


Our Philosophy

We believe that less waste, clutter and chaos means more productivity, harmony, and a better quality of life.  Whether renovating an existing area or building brand new, a well thought out plan and effective storage can create more space without adding more square footage.  By being conscious in our design choices and our use of materials and space, we can make steps toward a more sustainable world with enough for everyone.  We take a mindful approach to our work, providing our clients with insightful design solutions.

How do we do it?

  • Exploring design strategies and construction methods that are sustainable and promote quality over quantity.

  • Using aesthetics to create an environment that promotes wellness, both physically and mentally.

  • Creating simplified and highly functional spaces with easy maintenance requirements.

  • Choosing materials that are natural, sustainable and healthy, and looking at the full life cycle of those materials.

  • Being aware of the impact of construction to the planet and it's people, and encouraging socially responsible choices.

Our Mission


We believe in the importance of sustainability, wellness and social responsibility, and we love partnering with and supporting other like-minded businesses.  INVISION Design Solutions is committed to donating a percentage of our sales to local organizations that are making a difference in our community, and communities around the world.  A couple of our favourites are Ten Thousand Villages and Niagara Furniture Bank.

Our Service Area

We serve the Niagara region, Hamilton and Burlington areas, including:

St. Catharines  |  Niagara-on-Lake  |  Niagara Falls  |  Fort Erie  |  Stoney Creek  |  Burlington  |  Hamilton  |  Oakville

Not from one of these areas?  Contact us to discuss our remote design options.

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Our Accomplishments

Multipurpose basement

McClean's magazine


Read about one of Jen Nickel's personal projects featured in McClean's magazine, April 2021  

The Standard Readers Choice

Reader's Choice Award


Gold winner of The Standard Reader's Choice Award, St. Catharines - 2020

Three Best Rated 2023.jpg

Three Best Rated


Three best rated Interior Designer, St. Catharines - 2019-2023

Community Votes 2023.png

Community Votes


Bronze winner of Niagara Region Community Votes - 2023

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