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Basic Design Service

A detailed conceptual design plan to implement on your own  or with on-call assistance from us

For more of the hands-on type, we can provide guidance and a plan for you to implement yourself or with your contractor.  After defining your project goals and assessing the existing space, we will create a detailed, dimensioned space plan, often exploring two different plan options if needed.  We will develop one of these plans with 3D renderings depicting the types of colours, materials and furnishings to use to meet your needs and capture your personal style.  At the end of this service, you will have a conceptual drawing package consisting of 2D plans and 3D renderings depicting a complete vision for your new space.

3D Rendering

This service is a fit for you if:

  • You're stuck on how to lay out your space, and need help with an overall vision that can act as a clear reference point as you manage your own renovation project 

  • You're not sure how much a renovation will cost, and you're looking for a preliminary design that you can use to determine a realistic budget for your project

  • You have contractor that you're working with or are planning to act as your own contractor for your project, but need a plan and some visual tools to communicate the work you'd like to have done.

  • You have time to do your own shopping and sourcing, but you need some guidance on how to pull together a cohesive space and a clear reference point as you select your own finishes, fixtures, & furnishings

This service includes steps 1-3 of our signature 10-step design process:

  • 1 - Consultation: We'll start with a 2-hour working session to kickstart your project

  • 2 - Research & Concept Design:  We will create a new holistic vision for your space including everything from architectural layouts to window treatments

  • 3 - Concept Presentation:  You will be presented with a design package including space plans and 3D renderings to guide your project 

Prices start at $4,000 + HST.  Fee proposal provided per project after design consultation

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