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Yoga by Sarah

Yoga by Sarah

Yoga Studio leasehold renovation

Location: St. Catharines, ON

Size: 4,000 s.f.

Scope: Leasehold renovation, layout, structure, millwork, lighting, finishes.  Two storeys including studios, reception, offices, changerooms and utility spaces

Service Level:  Standard

Contractor: Self-contracted

Photographer: INVISION Design Solutions

This yoga-loving entrepreneur and her business-savvy husband decided to embark on a new adventure and purchase a well-known yoga business. But their first major challenge was that the lease was up on the current location and they need to move quickly. After finding a convenient location, it was a matter of turning a tired, outdated space into a functional studio that creates an atmosphere of inspiration and relaxation. A thoroughly thought-out space plan (including all OBC barrier-free requirements), and a fresh palette of finishes are the first ingredients to this successful business venture.

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