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  • Jen Nickel

Holistic Design

You spend a lot of time indoors.  Whether in your home or at the office, out for

dinner or at the grocery store, up to 90% of your day is spent inside a built environment.  These indoor spaces have a huge impact on your health and well-being - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

And the construction, demolition and renovation of these spaces affects the health of the planet and humanity around the globe.  The effects can be positive or negative depending on the choices we make.  There are construction materials that are harmful to the planet in every step of their life cycle from production to disposal, and others that are sustainably manufactured, fully biodegradable, and even contain purifying properties that can improve the air quality of an indoor space. 

What we need is a better approach to design - a more holistic approach.

One that looks beyond a project and sees the bigger picture.  One that cares for people and the planet, and makes the best use of the resources given to us.  One that strives for simplicity and values quality over quantity, and people over things.  I believe that many people, given the choice, would prefer this holistic and sustainable approach to design, but don’t know where to start. Through my own personal experiences of renovating old homes and building a new home, I know it’s not easy to find eco-friendly solutions at mainstream stores or to sift through the overabundance of information online.  With so many companies “green-washing” their products, it’s hard to know who to believe and what to look for, even when you are educated in this field!  Though sustainable and healthy design is becoming a more common topic, it is still confusing, inaccessible and overwhelming to the average home owner. 

INVISION Design Solutions strives to take a holistic approach to design. We specialize in wellness and sustainability through design. To learn more about what this means, visit our online resource: ECO-LOGICAL-SPACES where you can find information about how to create a healthy and sustainable home.

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