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Wellar - High Resolution


Full Home Renovation

Location:  Welland, ON

Size:  2500 s.f.

Scope:  Gut renovation, interior layout and structure, mudroom and covered deck addition, exterior facade and finishes, interior design concept and finishes, cabinetry design.  Main floor, second floor, basement and exterior.

Service Level:  Basic

Contractor:  Fred Veerman

Cabinetry:  Timberwood Cabinetry

Photographer:  INVISION Design

This active family of 5 decided to move from their country home into the city, to be closer to school and extracurricular activities.  They house they found was in a perfect location, but didn't exactly meet the needs of their family.  The kitchen was cramped, the bathrooms were not functional, and there was next to no closet space in the entire house.  We designed a complete overhaul to this home, inside and out, including a new mudroom and covered back deck addition!  The interior main floor was gutted and opened up to create a large eat-in kitchen featuring a large rustic island and charming window seat, and we opened up the center staircase to improve the sight lines to the living room.  Upstairs, we overhauled the bathroom to include more storage and a larger shower, and we made adjustments to the bedroom and closet layouts to maximize storage.  In the basement, we refinished the rec room space along with another bathroom and laundry room.  But one of the most dramatic changes is the exterior of the home.  The entire exterior was refinished with a new modern farmhouse scheme, unifying the old structure with the new additions, and creating a fresh new look.

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