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Thank you!

We are so thankful that you chose INVISION Design Solutions for your design project.  We treasure all of our client relationships, and are truly honoured to have been trusted in your space, and to have shared in a small part of your unique story.  As a small business, we thrive off of the support and referrals from satisfied clients.  Here are a couple ways you can help us to continue to grow:

Client Satisfaction Survey

At INVISION Design Solutions, we strive to provide professional service and an outstanding client experience.  Now that your project is complete, we would love to hear your feedback.  This 15 minute survey will provide us with valuable information that will assist us in continuing to improve our services.  

Write a review

As a small business, reviews from our clients play a large role in our continued success.  If you have been satisfied with our service, it would be so helpful to us if you shared that with our prospective clients.  You can write an online review at one or more of the platforms at the links below:

Follow us!

Supporting our business on our social media outlets helps us to reach more prospective clients!  It would mean so much if you could follow, like, and share our content on the following platforms:

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